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What are nonsurgical muscle enhancers?

At Dr. Padma's Aesthetics, we now offer electromagnetic muscle stimulation (EMS) to nonsurgically enhance your muscles. Dr. Padma Sripada, our board-certified internist, is pleased to offer Evolve Tone by InMode. Evolve Tone is an FDA-cleared, hands-free treatment that stimulates and strengthens muscles in your back, buttocks, abs, arms, or legs.

Having a nonsurgical muscle enhancement treatment will not be able to replace your strength-building sessions at the gym. However, our Evolve Tone technology may help you advance in strength faster and improve your shape. With several EMS applicators available during a session, we can treat more than one area at a time. Discover the opportunities you could have with our Evolve Tone treatment sessions at our office in the East Greenbush, NY area today.

Can you tone and tighten my muscles nonsurgically?

Our Evolve Tone technology works well on all skin types for men and women who have muscles they want to enhance on their abdomen or buttocks. Evolve Tone is not right for you if you have a medical device implanted in your body, such as a pacemaker. During your consultation, Dr. Padma will gather information about your health history and decide whether you're an appropriate candidate. She'll also go over the pros and cons of this treatment with you. 

Our Evolve Tone EMS Stimulation Technique

The treatments for nonsurgical muscle enhancement are performed with electromagnetic stimulation (EMS). We will place the Evolve Tone applicators on your treatment area while you sit back and relax. There is no need for numbing creams. Many of our patients say the treatment feels soothingly warm when the electromagnetic pads stimulate their muscles. These EMS devices are temperature controlled and will give you prompts throughout the session. Once the timer runs out, you will be free to leave our office and continue your day as normal.

After nonsurgical muscle enhancement

The great news about nonsurgical muscle enhancement is that it does not involve scarring or a lengthy recovery period. You can have your EMS session with Evolve Tone and then continue your day without further interruption. Your skin may be red and warm for a while, but these after-effects should be concealed under your clothing. If you have any concerns after your nonsurgical muscle enhancement, please call our office for assistance.

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Evolve with our EMS Muscle Toning Treatments

Evolve Tone by InMode can electromagnetically strengthen and shape the muscles in your abs, arms, buttocks, or legs. Learn more about our nonsurgical muscle enhancements and the other available body contouring treatments at our practice in the Capital District. Call our office at Dr. Padma's Aesthetics for a consultation talk about the changes you could make in your muscle tone today.

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