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Meet Cara Oglesby

PersonnelWhen you meet Cara Oglesby at the check-in desk at Dr. Padma's Aesthetics, she will great you with a warm hello and a smile. She is our calm and patient receptionist. We hope you will see her as a resource for information for your consultation and follow-up appointments. Cara will graciously work with your schedule to book your next appointment. She will also answer the phone with a friendly voice, and she can help find answers to questions you have about your paperwork, billing, or a medical records request.

Meet Teena Starteri

PersonnelTeena Starteri is our dedicated medical assistant at Dr. Padma's Aesthetics. As a member of Dr. Padma's medical support team, Teena assists with collecting important health information (vital signs, medication lists, and personal health information) and by performing minor in-office treatments. Teena will go above and beyond her job duties to make sure each patient in her care feels at ease. She is always cheerful and extremely reliable. She has many tasks, including handling our phone messages and fulfilling patient needs.

Meet Dawn Lensink

PersonnelDawn Lensink is our licensed practical nurse at Dr. Padma's Aesthetics. She is truly a dedicated medical professional who is always eager to help you! Dawn enjoys working with Dr. Padma and everyone on the team. She is a great asset to our practice, as she demonstrates a calm and friendly approach to her patients while attending to their medical and aesthetic needs.

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