How to Tighten and Tone Skin Without Surgery

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Evolve by InMode is an advanced nonsurgical body contouring system. It addresses all kinds of cosmetic needs with a series of distinct treatments. If you want to trim and tone sagging skin without invasive measures, consider Evolve Tite near East Greenbush, NY. This patented system delivers radiofrequency energy to target specific areas for stubborn fat removal. Best of all, these simple treatments can be performed during your lunch break.

Are you ready to see gorgeous results with very little downtime? Learn more from board-certified internal medicine physician Padma Sripada by scheduling an Evolve Tite assessment. The professionals at Dr. Padma's Aesthetics are proud to offer safe and effective outcomes.

Treat sagging skin and more

Evolve Tite allows people to tighten loose skin and treat unwanted fat in one convenient treatment. Many people choose Evolve Tite as an alternative to traditional liposuction surgery. This treatment uses a combination of radiofrequency energy, deep tissue heating, and vacuum technology to work. Benefits of this nonsurgical body contouring procedure include:

  • Tighten sagging skin

  • Reduce fat

  • Little downtime

  • Safe for all skin types

Patients should understand that Evolve Tite is not intended as a weight loss solution for obesity or overweight individuals. The best candidates want to trim and tone their bodies because they struggle with diet-resistant fat and excess skin. Our procedure is best used in specific areas, like the arms, hips, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen.

How Evolve Tite is performed

Dr. Padma's Aesthetics performs Evolve Tite in one of our private rooms near East Greenbush, NY. During the appointment, we will put into place a special applicator and monitor the treatment as it takes effect. Each Evolve Tite applicator is designed with built-in sensors that monitor your skin temperature in real-time. This prevents skin damage and keeps your procedure completely safe.

Evolve Tite is also considered a comfortable procedure. As the hands-free technology works, patients are encouraged to relax. You can listen to music or even read a book. Our applicators allow us to address one or more areas of concern at the same time for your convenience.

When to expect results

Patients can return to daily activities after getting Evolve Tite. Although no downtime is needed, our clinic can give you information about potential side effects or complications. For example, you may experience temporary mild redness or warmth in the treated area. Most patients need several sessions to achieve optimal results.

Gradual improvements can be seen after the first few appointments. This is because it takes time for your body to produce new collagen and process the affected fat cells. Dr. Padma can create a custom Evolve Tite treatment plan and let you know how many sessions you will need to schedule.

Learn more about nonsurgical body contouring

Are you ready to trim and tone your body? Now you can address loose skin and hard-to-treat fat without going under the knife. Board-certified internal medicine physician Padma Sripada makes the process easy by offering Evolve Tite. If you have questions about this procedure and want to improve your physique, get an assessment at Dr. Padma's Aesthetics. Our trusted team near East Greenbush, NY is dedicated to your satisfaction and results.

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